Konsultan Merek di Indonesia

The Konsultan Merek Di Indonesia

The konsultan merek di Indonesia has recognized to be the professional one in providing this and of course they have also committed to provide and deliver the high quality service for every client. They will handle any patent and also intellectual property protection process for you so that you can …

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The Law Firm

Law Firm for Design Protection

In disain industry, there are many unjust activities that could happen, one of them is plagiarism act. In disain industry, there are many new design and product that launched to the market. This new design is something that created by the original creativity of human being that not all of …

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Protecting your Patent and Trademark

When you working at the industrial company or other company that require you inventing something base on your own disain, it is better for you to have law firm that could protect your disain, from intellectual crime. Usually disain, that you make by yourself will be passive income for you. …

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Intellectual Property Practitioners

Intellectual Property Rights and Cultural Aspect

Batik dispute is one of the freshest buzzes about intellectual property in indonesia, in which traditional batik craftsmen complained about Malaysia boldly claiming batik as its national heritage. While UNESCO finally settled batik as the original Indonesian heritage, thus securing its intellectual property in indonesia, the feeling of dispute is …

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Hak Kekayaan Intelektual Indonesia

New Musicians and Intellectual Property Rights

For example, some record companies could try to reap as much profit as possible while only giving the musicians a fraction even if the sales were soaring. That can happen if musicians do not understand hki, and how it can help them from being had. Basically, with hki, new musicians …

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Trademark Attorney In Indonesia

The Trademark Attorney

Do you need the professional trademark attorney that can help you in giving the trademark for your idea and also your intellectual property issues? Well, if you are looking for the professional one then you can easily go to Proficiat. Proficiat is the trademark law office that provides the high …

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Designs Protection

Using Law Firm Service for Intellectual Wealth Protection

There are many things that have to be protected from legal problem such design, brands, trademark, machine, and so on. In protecting you design, there is one step that you could perform which is legalizing it by law firm assistance. In this dynamic era where every business experience tight competition, …

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Merk Agent

Konsultan Merek

Are you looking for the professional firm that can help you in giving the patent mark? Proficiat is the Indonesian patent and also trademark. This konsultan merek becomes the best firm that can help you in providing the mark patent. Well, there are many numbers of companies that are looking …

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